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I think my cousin K sa'd me when we were kids

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 30 July 2013 · 99 views

http://www.pandys.or...IR#/trigger.gif I've been trying to block this out of my mind for the past 18 yrs or so, but I can't keep "silent" anymore.. *takes a deep breath* Ok, so when my cousin K and I were kids, we used to play "house" (like a lot of kids our age)and I was always the "wife" and "mom" and he played...


I feel like I shouldn't be alone right now, but I don't really have a choice (TW)

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 23 February 2012 · 31 views

My grandma G just passed, and I feel like I shouldn't be alone right now but because my grandma W's house is crowded and my parents are busy planning the funeral so I don't have a choice.


Grieveing the loss of my grandpa H

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 23 December 2011 · 32 views

Yesterday was my grandpa H's funeral and it was nice peaceful service and because he was in the war (I can't remember which one) my mom was honored with the military flag. I didn't :cry: during the service but when I got back to my parents, I started to. This hurts. :cry: :down:


I let my sister use my laptop. Big mistake

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 25 October 2011 · 17 views

(:trigger: warning of p*** and language) I'm trying really hard to get along with my teen sister and the last couple of days we were actually getting along, until I checked to see which sites she visited and there was a site that concerned me and so I asked her about it and she told me (in a not so calm manner) "s**** you"! It turned out,...


How do you distinguish between telling your friends about yourproblems and family drama?

Posted by blondie2002 , in Friends, Family 01 September 2011 · 15 views

I was telling my bff T, about how my sister got mad just because she had to watch our grandma and she (my sister) told me that she had plans already. Then T told me that's why I'm "loseing friends". Maby I should just become mute. :bawling:


I feel forgotten about

Posted by blondie2002 , in Dateing, Family, Friends 21 May 2011 · 38 views

Lately (within the last couple of weeks) whenever "I" try to schedule something (like my T appts) I'm always getting told "Oh I forgot, can you call and reschedule"? :glare: And so that's what I do. I'm just tired of feeling like I have no control over my own life! :angry: :bawling: Then there's the whole situation w...


I hate how my 15 yr old sister gets to run wild and my parent's just don't care!

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 21 December 2010 · 31 views

I hate how my parent's just let my sister run wild and they just DON'T CARE! :( :angry: For example, it's a weeknight (almost 12:30 am) and she's out crusing with her older friends and I've been presatty much stuck at their house because of my surgury (which went smothly)and no one's bothered to come and visit me :down: She t...


new stepfamily, I'm still trying to adjust.

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 17 May 2010 · 88 views

My dad just just got married this past Saturday, :yay: and now I have a new step mom and 4(?) new stepsiblings. I mean logically it shouldn't be "that" big of a deal b/c all of P's kids are around the same ages as R and I, but I still feel :unsure: about the whole thing.


Mom's ashamed and embaressed that I'm reading self help books about rape survivorship "in the open"

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 22 February 2010 · 23 views

I had just recently checked out a few books from the Pandy's library, and I brought the one I'm currently reading up to her house to read and I (not thinking it about it) left it on one of the endtables while I got up to do something, and then shortly after that my mom gently pulls me aside and says: "Not to be rude B, but I don't think yo...


I just found out my dad's getting remarried this summer...

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 12 February 2010 · 15 views

My dad and his new gf just barely got into town for a visit, and in between the "getting to know her" chat he casually mentions that they're getting married. :blink: (I only "met" her on the webcam) He told me not to freak out, (which I'm not) on the outside but inside I'm a bundle of emoitons.(:yahoo:.:yay: :congrats: :( :tea...

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