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Mrs... I am wed

Posted by cordeliaVorkosigan in cordeliaVorkosigan's Blog, 30 August 2014 · 0 views

I have wed the most amazing man. He does not know everything but he knows most.


fitting end

Posted by whodatninja in Reset Button, 30 August 2014 · 7 views

I don't know who I am. I can't find where I'm going. I know not where I belong. I don't know why. I can't remember. All I know is I want to leave this pain behind. I don't want to suffer anymore


Just A Note

Posted by Linnaeus in Survivorship, 29 August 2014 · 12 views

Oh gezz...some people.
So, when 'belief" is or causes a condition - temporary or leading to being more insightful, as a "mental illness" you get folks from the old school keeping slaves to belief fixed to it while attacking anything and anyone who disagrees
Hmm...have a beer, stay a while, take a walk and by gosh don...


had a really rough night and not feeling good today

Posted by Sunshineonme in Sunshineonme's Blog, 29 August 2014 · 22 views

had a really rough night last night. couldnt sleep for more than 10 minutes in a row. kept crying . good the dogs sleep with me so they kept waking up too and cuddling with me. most times i woke up wasnt sure where i was. thought i was back then when i was 8 yrs old with my first attacker. really scared . also today quite difficult. got lots of stuff to d...



Posted by AnnabelleMarie in AnnabelleMarie's Blog, 28 August 2014 · 24 views

Another therapy session. She (IC) just wants to be believed but she also stills blames herself for not doing something and not telling....at 3 years old...impossible situation!


It can't be everyone else, so it must be me...

Posted by Qrious in Q's questing, 28 August 2014 · 49 views

:trigger: anger, r*, ED

I have had moments in the last 12 hrs where I have been genuinely angry at people. In both cases, it was over something that I at the time blamed myself for; the anger at seemingly everyone in my life, who all seem to support that I am the one at fault, doesn't last long, and instead of being glimmerings that I might want to stand...


Intensive Theatre

Posted by amy66 in Orgone , 28 August 2014 · 27 views

Lay on a bed in intensive care , spent 3 days in a coma after a SU attempt " you are very lucky , we nearly lost you on a few occasions" the nurse tells me.
" I don't feel lucky "
Lucky is winning £50 on a lottery ticket ... Lucky is getting that last pair of shoes in the sales.... lucky is catching the china cup you drop by the tips of your finger...


Exhausting session

Posted by SilverandBlue in Learning not to Remember, 27 August 2014 · 38 views

Oh man. I was just a mess. I brought her cupcakes again ( I always do if I make them the same day) and she cooed over them for a bit, because they are just that cute! I love cupcake decorating so my cupcakes always look amazing.
I described the feeling of living in a movie, or in someone else's life. And how much it hurts to hear other's stories. It's a...


My Story

Posted by ForgetIT in ForgetIT Story, 27 August 2014 · 33 views

My Story I was molested when I was 9 by someone of the same sex, and of the same age. It throws people off when I share this. They think "it must of been harmless, just two kids experiementing." It wasn't. I remember begging with tears down my face asking her not to make me. She said if I didn't, then she would tell my parents that I was the one to ask her to do i...


Dark Thoughts.

Posted by sakura7792 in sakura7792's Blog, 26 August 2014 · 22 views

*Possible Triggers*

My greatest struggle right now is going on in my head.
The voice in my head has a face and it's me, my own self staring at me.
Like a broken record, it repeats and repeats and repeats in my head.
"Feel your heart, can you feel it? You can't can you? Because you don't have one!!!"
"He won't love you forever, when he knows who you reall...


Day 256-257: Feeling Anger and Loss

Posted by intrepidshe in Intrepid She, 25 August 2014 · 71 views

Aug. 24-25, 2014 Intrepid Age = 185-186 Days
The news from my mom about my step-father's heart surgery really got to me. I had the worst headache of my life the night I got the news (last Thursday) and cried for hours as I tried to fall asleep. It wasn't clear to me why I was crying. I was in agony but I couldn't understand the reason for...


17 year dealing with this.

Posted by tina619 in tina619's Blog, 25 August 2014 · 31 views

Sat was 17 years dealing with this. I been crying since my mother take girls away so deal with the nightmares flash Tigger I hate be alone at night my mind go thow whole  lot. 
I watch netflix and dvd but I can't not close my eyes not se his face evil smiles of his.  It 17 Years feels like just happen to me. they say say scar heal I...


Just sick of it all

Posted by sueb0311 in sueb0311's Blog, 24 August 2014 · 35 views

2 rants in 2 days...

Geez, I don't even know where to start. I'm just sick of everything. Sick of feeling so out of control, sick of having flashbacks, sick of nightmares, sick of feeling.
This past week has been completely unbearable. I'm overwhelmed at work, I'm overwhelmed at home. I feel like I'm running aimlessly in circles. Like I'm trapped in a l...


august anniversary #1.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe in SomebodyLoveMe's Blog, 24 August 2014 · 22 views

anniversaries are a bitch.
today, as of the wee hours of the morning, my dad has been dead for seventeen years.
i was only two, so all of this information is coming from my mom's account. he shot himself while he and my mom were fighting. it wasn't an "oh, i want to die." situation. it was more of a "fuck you!" manipulation technique. so I...


A little about me so far

Posted by Kurupt28 in Kurupt28's Blog, 22 August 2014 · 23 views

Hello im new to this but i got some advice this might help, I'm a 28 year old man with a fiancée and 2 kids ,
When i was about 6 i was sexually abused my my step-sister till the age of about 10.
I can't really remember how it started or when it stopped but it has messed me up for life now, No one knew up and till 5 months ago i told my partner of nea...


The book

Posted by paintinblue2013 in paintinblue2013's Blog, 22 August 2014 · 9 views

I started reading a book call "Carry on Warrior" The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life" by Glennon Doyle Melton. I recommend it to anyone who has a hard to embracing and loving themselves! I realized after reading this book that I was created the way I am for a reason. Just like all of you have been. That even though all these bad things happe...


The day of my Bith

Posted by Jill1920 in Jill1920's Blog, 21 August 2014 · 23 views

Well my birthday is in 5days around this time I get a little depressed I never really understood way I mean as a child I got whatever I wanted but since I've been in college my birthday has become one big ass depressing day I want to deal with no one I try to make myself happy but my feelings are at there lowest on Aug 26 I guess because one year as a chi...


Really need to share my story... please help me heal

Posted by misse90 in misse90's Blog, 20 August 2014 · 44 views

I've never actually gotten therapy for the abuse but I just got out of a very bad marriage and now that I'm trying to heal from his mental and physical abuse, its sorta forcing me to deal with the sexual abuse from my childhood... I really need to get this off my chest and would love some feedback.

It all started when I was about 5. My father was a drun...


Leadership And It's Beginnings - *TW*

Posted by VoiceofCommand in Fighting To Live, 20 August 2014 · 23 views

Leadership? What is it really? Leadership is defined as "the action of leading a group of people or an organization". As a Sergeant First Class or Platoon Sergeant, I typically lead anywhere from 30-60 Soldiers in a platoon. I find myself, as of today, leading a Company as it's Commander until we redeploy due to the loss of my Officer. I've never thought...


Can't stop asking "why?"

Posted by Clemsta in Clemsta's Blog, 19 August 2014 · 42 views

Why would and how can anyone look at a innocent child and think horrid thoughts...
and then why would they act on them?
Damaging and scaring that innocence, smearing with darkness.
Why? When i see a child i want to protect them from all impure thoughts.
It sickens me to my core, all the stories of abuse on TV, in the papers.
Then the big quest...

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