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I know the various feeds needed to be taken down for a time after another system update (by the way, thank you to everyone who continues to work so hard on the programming end to make Pandy's the best safe haven it can be! :wub:) due to security settings/user privacy concerns, and I'm wondering if that's why they are gone again and if we are planning to get them back? Safety is obviously the most important thing, but I do miss being able to see member topic, status, and blog feeds on the side bars because they helped me be better able to be supportive and get support based on what was happening in the moment, they felt less overwhelming than sifting through the current activity streams when processing information was difficult, and they helped keep my groundedness in time and space a little more intact. I may very well be the only one who felt this way because I haven't seen anyone else bring it up, but I thought it would be worth inquiring about anyway because they feeds were just so helpful to me. Do you think it's going to be possible for us to get them back sometime soon, or are they gone for the foreseeable future?

Thank you again for all you do!

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Hi LovelyHealing,

For the time being they are gone for the foreseeable future only because we're working toward overhauling the entire board. New look, new features etc. Unfortunately the killer upgrade of 2016 has put us way behind schedule. Then chat was unsupported so we had to close that too! We do understand many members enjoyed the missing feeds and when we can switch over to the new improved version of pandys we hope to have them back! No time line is available for this. Thanks for your kind words! There really is a lot going on behind the scenes. :)

Susan and the moderating team

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