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There is a trigger button when you slect show all under the smilies, however I'm not sure how some people have actaully hidden what they have written under the button

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Hey guys,

There are a few options with this! The first is that you can just write "Trigger warning", or put a T, *T*, t, etc in your posts title to warn others.

You can add a graphic of a trigger warning, which looks like this: :trigger: Type :trigger : without the space between "trigger" and the colon.

You can also add in a spoiler, which hides what you type so members need to choose to view it. To do it, just type [spoiler ] your text [/spoiler ] (but remove the spaces between "spoiler" and the square bracket for both the opening and closing tags. It will look like this:

I'm too lazy to go and make dinner right now!

If you are using this on the board, it helps to put a warning above the spoiler box to let people know what it is that is hidden (e.g. "May trigger - graphic description of rape" etc)

I hope that helps!

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I never knew how to do the spoiler thing before, and I've always thought it's a great way to make sure nobody sees anything that might upset them by accident or anything - now I know how! :)

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