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I'm currently trying to edit my signature. And for some reason I can't. I know it has to be only 10 lines....when I see my current signature it's not the edited version. Beside it only having to be 10 lines why else is this?

sorry I know this is vague but I don't know how else to phrase it atm.

I am so confused.

Thank you

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Hi Lily,

When you saved the signature, did any error message come up at all, or is it just that when you look at your signature in your posts it hasn't changed over yet? Sometimes I find when I update my profile pic or signature it takes a little while to show up - if I clear my browser history (cookies etc) that helps.

Give it a little while and let us know if you still can't see it!

Currently I see this as your signature:

"Kind word can be short and easy to speak but their meanings are truly endless"

"I know why the caged bird sings"

"The blessing of the calla lily"

"The earth's beauty comes through the darkness"

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