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Spoiler-type feature for the topic previews

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I just noticed something and I wonder if it is a setting somewhere in the board software or if it's something that we all have to live with.

I started a new topic and within the post I used the

tags to hid some of the triggering content.

I notice, however, that when I go into the forum with the topics listed and I hover the mouse over the topic title, the content that I had hidden with the

tags is visible in the topic preview that pops up.

Is there any way to make the spoiler hide the appropriate content, not only inside the topic, but also in the topic preview as well?

It seems to defeat the purpose of using the

tags if the content can bee seen in the preview and might trigger someone unexpectedly.

Is this something that can be looked into?


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Hi BruisedSpirit,

It's a feature from the latest upgrade which it doesn't seem we are able to do anything about. Thanks for letting us know - we can always mark it down for something to look into changing in the future if we are able to! In the meantime, I'd suggest you avoid reading through a post using the pop-up preview if you are concerned about triggers, and open the post fully instead so you get the spoiler warning - sorry we can't help out more!

Take care,


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