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I've no idea where this thread should go so Mods please move if its not in the right place!

I have just become a contributing member here. I genuinely did not know that this option was possible until tonight :blush:

I have been a member here for nearly 2 years and I never knew what being contributing member meant... yes an oversight on my behalf but I always (wrongly!) assumed that they were members who made very helpful posts or were very active on the board.... only tonight did I notice the 'Add Contributing Member' option on the drop down member under my username.... and when I clicked on it to see what it meant, I was embarrassed to see what I could have done to help Pandy's sooner than this :blush:

Pandy's has played such a major role in my healing journey. Before I came here I felt so alone, so isolated, so different from my friends, and that there was no one in real life that I could turn to who would understand. I felt like I was on this journey alone and felt overwhelmed with the range of emotions that go hand in hand with being a survivor of CSA and SA. I came here and I found friends. People who care. People who 'get it'. I found a place where I can be me, where I feel safe. A place where I feel like I wont be judged or ridiculed no matter how I am feeling.

I don't know where I would be without Pandy's. If donating here means missing out on something less important, then I am only too happy to do so and glad that I am in a place where that is my choice.

I understand that not everyone is in a place where this is an option for them, but I wanted to highlight this option, just in case there are others on the board who are unaware of this option like I was.

Last week I was borrowing money for T.... this week I am contributing to Pandys and it feels :)

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Hi Caroline,

Thanks so much for your donation! I'm very happy you've found Pandy's to be a help on your journey! I think many of us can relate to feeling alone and isolated as we struggle to heal. This is certainly a place where people get it! Every donation helps keep us up and running!

Take care,


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Thank you so much for your generosity :holdhands:

I'm really glad you found this place too!


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