How to handle trigger-containing material in personal narratives

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I have never taken part in any kind of survivor community before. The immediate problem that brought me to register here is basically that I fought some triggers and lost, and got my butt kicked, so to speak.

I believe today I'm out of crisis, I'm just hurting and recuperating and probably ready to talk. I was feeling so overwhelmed by bad stuff for some days that I hesitated to say anything at all. I started to put it in my live journal, filtered for safe friends, but then became so uncomfortable saying anything I shut up about it. Now I feel like I'm in a space where I can look back and figure out what was that all about?

So before I begin posting here, I'd like to ask for 101 on how does the community talk such things over.

OK, I guess I still have some active sore spots... probably ought to wait before saying anything?

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Hi Kidfears,

Welcome to Pandys :)

You may find it helpful to spend some time looking through the different forums and to get some sort of idea about how various issues are discussed. There isn't a really right or a wrong way, because we're all individuals and we all (eventually!) work out for ourselves what works best. I think the trick is to take it slow and to go at your own pace. Don't push yourself too hard :hug:

It may also help you to have a look at some of these tutorials:

The Newbies Guide to Pandys

Getting Responses

Take care.

Katy x

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Thanks for asking questions - I had similar questions.

The answers are very helpful as well.

Love & Light :D

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