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Hello Beautiful Souls,

My name is Kristine Verendia and I am a sexual abuse survivor. Having been going through my own personal growth over the last several years, along with a spiritual awakening, the journey of my path had led me to start a support group for souls who have gone through similar experiences.

It is my priority to provide a warm, loving, unconditional space for healing and support, with full confidentiality. The members who have joined so far have greatly contributed positivity, love and support to the group energy and the momentum picks up each time we meet. We meet every third Sunday of the month in Leslieville, Toronto.

Our group is open to receiving more members - if you feel this is something that you would be interested in learning more about and/or joining, please visit our website:

My saying has always been, freedom and true self discovery is a step within, and I truly believe this is the case especially for those of us who have experienced abuse in our lives.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! It is so lovely to be a part of a great community here.



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That's great! i am in TO and have been in a malesurvivor group for 1.5 years (in addition to lots of other recovery work)..i would love to attend a session.


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