Anybody else have weird triggers?

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I'm so glad to see this topic. I was sexually abused for 4 years starting when I was 9. My mother must have known, it was her brother, my uncle that babysat us when my parents went out. My mother is a Narcissist which offers me plenty of PTSD just from her being my mother.

It is almost like she is the bigger abuser than my Uncle. Whenever I am lied to, ignored, supposed to handle more than I should have to without help or instruction, I am hugely triggered.

I had a new second part-time job where one of the women behaved in exactly the way I described my mother above. I quit the job after being reprimanded for trying to clarify one of my duties. I am struggling to feel that I deserve to be spoken to with respect. I can't believe it when I hear people speak to me or other coworkers with no respect, patience or regard for being professional. These seem to be my biggest triggers. It all comes back to my mother not being a mother, not paying attention, being rude, not helping.

I have nightmares. It's always an impossible situation that I will never be able to handle all the work or situation that I am supposed to handle, and there is no help for me!

Thanks for listening. Anyone have any ideas or help?

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Arguing with my current boyfriend

Being out the ouse for too long

Crowded places

Black men

Walking alone

Drunk people

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Being in a room with a man.

Someone touching me.

Someone touching me when I am asleep.

small spaces.

so many others

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Loud or weird men

Bathrooms, Sounds from bathrooms

Kitchen sounds (plates, pans, etc)


Getting touched in certain places


Future mother-in-law

Cars making sounds outside my house


Family meals, events etc etc

Alot of weird things on TV

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People , in general. A man bcz he can remind me of my father -brother, a woman cause i am thinking all those nasty things my mother told me , the way she accussed me when i was child, even kids bcz at them i see my own self as kid and it makes me feel angry, sad and many things.

Kissed and touches. I cannot stand a hug even if i am the one i asked for cause it reminds me awful things.

The smell of alcohol and cigaretes.

Places in which abuse took place.

Moustaches or small beards. Even if it sounds odd.

People staring me .

Rooms with lot's of light or opposite full of darkness.

Teddy bears.

Summer nights.

My parents bedroom. The place i raped first time.

Kinder garden. Firtst time i sexually assaulted.

Loud voices or screams.

Phrases i cannot describe here.

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the sound of a woman walking. I don't know how to explain it. It isn't with sneakers. It's dress shoes and not pumps. Wider heel. Walking with purpose. My stomach drops. It's one I'm having problems with lately. When I'm in a better place mentally. I don't even hear the walking.

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every time I take a bath. I would have to look at the door constantly to feel safe.

shows that focus on violation

talking to my brother

new memories

seeing above and beyond the limit of PDA in public

seeing snakes

children at a playground

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A newish one for me is male underwear

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Triggers? Many. Weird triggers? Only a few.


  • Seeing Facebook posts by my ex-friends who encouraged the hurtful behavior (I had unblocked them in hopes that it would help me let go of resentment and heal, but then old posts kept popping up in my "memories" section, so I blocked them again.)
  • Being in a bar alone.
  • Beginning a new relationship
  • Opening up to having sex with someone new - this is very scary!
  • Wanting to have sex - Even in my healthy, committed relationship I am in now I won't initiate sex. (I do fine if he initiates, though)
  • During nursing school I had to learn about spotting domestic abuse and reporting it for my OB/GYN course. This was hard to sit through.
  • Being hit on
  • Hearing the names
  • Having friends make sexual jokes about me while I am not there in the room to hear it and retaliate (I'm fine with it when I can defend myself and give it right back to them... but some of them don't understand that there is a huge difference!!!)
  • Hearing certain songs
  • Working with psych patients :(

Weird triggers:

  • Sad TV commercials - I get overly emotional and sometimes burst into tears
  • Magic The Gathering (And this one is one of my WORST triggers, too)
  • Men with hair dyed black
  • Hearing the words "How are you?" (Sometimes, not always...)

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Someone touching me (mainly guys) or someone touching my hair. Guys who look similar to the guy who raped me. People invading my personal space. Crowds

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