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Needing your help and support with this

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As I have mentioned in a few other posts I started reading this book called Life Without Ed. One of the assignments is to write your Declaration of Independence. So, I wrote mine tonight. I wanted to ask for your support in signing this and helping me to stay accountable. After Jenni had written her Declaration of Independence her therapy group signed it. Well, for me this has been a supportive place. So, I am asking for people to sign my Declaration of Independence... (Thanks in advance)

Declaration of Independence

For many years Ed has controlled Kate. Ed has taken power and used the power to make Kate weak. It is now time that Kate takes back her power and learns to stand on her own against Ed. For this reason, a separation and restoration of equal powers shall take place.

The rights that shall be entitled include Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Whenever Ed violates these terms, Ed shall be abolished and recovery shall be instated. Recovery has the foundation principles of safety, happiness and security. The history of Ed has been both abusive and harmful to that of Kate. To prove this, the facts shall be stated…

Ed has refused for Kate to find happiness

Ed had kept Kate’s voice silenced by making her use terms including I’m fine, I’m okay, and I’m alright.

Ed had built walls around Kate keeping her prisoner and distancing her from forming close relationships with others.

Ed has stolen Kate’s self esteem and self confidence

Ed has destroyed Kate and who she is inside

Ed has made Kate feel worthless and like a failure

Ed told Kate she was not good enough unless she was perfect

Ed has stolen Kate’s happiness, dreams, courage, and hope

Ed has made Kate binge, purge, restrict, over exercise and take pills

Ed cut off emotions

Ed deprived Kate of food

Ed took away feelings and compromised Kate’s morals and values.

Do to the above offenses a separation shall take place. Ed shall be held accountable for these actions and shall be considered the Enemy. Therefore, a petition of freedom and independence from Ed shall be granted.

Since this petition has been granted Kate has restoration of her rights. These rights shall include power to eat, elimination from binging, purging, taking pills, and over exercising, and Kate shall have the privilege to live in happiness and peace. Also, the rights that all other independent people have shall be granted to Kate.

For the support of this Declaration Kate pledges to her treatment team, therapy group, Pandora's Aquarium Board Members, friends, and family her life, destiny, and scared honor.

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I fixed your membership so you can post in the private forums.  Would youi like me to move this to the ED forum?


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