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  1. i've had a big problem with people not understanding that partner rape is still rape, and nobody at pandy's is going to tell me that because i was his gf, he had my consent by default. everybody here is so sweet and loving ((((((((((everyone)))))))))) pandy's reminds me that i'm not alone, and that it's normal for me to feel the way i do there's always somebody to talk to; i can automatically have a friend when i need one pandy's helps me understand my healing process, even when i confuse myself so much i feel like a nuclear bomb and i could just explode or vaporize or something thanks everyone, just for being here
  2. - people named nick (i hate this cuz it's totally unfair to them, but i can't help it, y'know?) - the smell of axe phoenix - flannel sheets - bad scenes in movies (you know what i'm talking about) - my breasts being touched - my daughter - conversations about abortion/adoption - pregnancy tests - really skinny guys - arm-wrestling (but it's ok as long as nobody challenges me) - when a guy friend is sad (once again, i hate this cuz it's not fair) - sometimes being hugged sets me off - if i'm having a bad day, anything sexual