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  1. Thankyou for those suggestions. I finally did it this morning after 10 years of trying to make the appt!!! It was my first ever proper exam (they did everything all in one go!) the only ever exam i had was after a rape at a clinic just outside Los Angeles airport (jet lagged, no american money - i had to interrupt a flight). I was sooo dissociated the DR was soo horrible... but anywhoo! I cannot tell you how kind they were. I wrote a mammoth letter in bullett points explaining exactly my experiences, what i was scared of, what i wanted to know, what i didn't want to know < key point for me. That letter will stay in my file. I also spoke to a counsellor they had available before and after. She got the nurse to get a smaller 'one' for me. I just cannot tell you how kind they all were. It was a very positive experience. For me I did get terrible pain. But it wasnt unbearable, i was expecting it prepared etc I had to have a longer examination because of some probs iv bn having but even then it was all over and done with very quickly They were so considerate. I would advise writing it out in a letter. and asking to get everything all done with at one time. Also, i was referred there from the SARC (assault centre), even if you havent say you've been referred from Rape Crisis coz as soon as they hear that then theyre ever so good. (well they were to me) She said I'd done the right thing in being checked out. THey all said they were so proud of me etc. bless!!! Ok so if i've done it after 10 years then u can!!!