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  1. How did you/were you able to come to a place where you experienced these things as betrayals? I feel like I should be able to do this exercise and yet when I try to pull 5, literally nothing comes to mind. My thoughts go blank...
  2. You helped me realize something when you typed this... it helped me connect an issue with a PET Scan as they were staging my cancer and older 'stuff' where this position would have been involved. Thank you...
  3. I encourage everyone to listen to this interview. We have the power of our story within us...
  4. First post since joining.. --I have a hard time with lists...people talking in lists. --repetitive gum chewing, mouth sounds, pen clicking, soda bottle caps, etc. --getting upset --sun warming me in the morning --a few songs --stagnant, still air --air temp in a space the same temp as the air I breathe in