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  1. Crystal, that is a great idea. Thanks for adding that, Shannon! -RL
  2. The Green Shape: You can see a button that looks like this when you start a topic or reply to a post. (It's right above the area you can type in.) When you click it, you fill out the url of the site you want to link to, and the text you want to be clickable, and then it gives you this format of code: [url*=http://yoururl]the clickable text[/url]. Minus the asterisk, this becomes a link when you add your reply or post a new topic. The Difference: You could put your Jewish-community-survivor-resource links into a post, by using the method above. Maybe you would start a topic in the resources section with links to all the sites you've found, or someone would talk about wishing they knew about Jewish community resources and you would reply to them and include a link. Pandys also has a library of links, but you use a different method to add links to that library. If you scroll all the way up to the top of this screen, there will be a button that says "Links." It goes to the links library. Once you are in the links library, you will see a box on the left that says "quick links", and inside that "Add New Link."
  3. hi Jill, that's an awesome project. to put links in a specific post, click on the button above that (in the green skin) has a green shape with a plus on it. to add links to the Pandys links section, go to the link section and click on add new link on the left.
  4. that second page is kind of mesmerizing. Cute!
  5. well, it's not true. Bc I sent you a pm! Really, I did.
  6. That would be cool! Props to meregator for starting the thread...
  7. I tried searching a little... does anyone else remember it? My anni is coming, and for some reason I just wanted to see and feel... not alone? Thx, me
  8. I sort of thought this was going to be names for numbers of posts made. (like another board I go to.) I agree that having it be a paid-for thing could be really upsetting...
  9. Hey, I have no idea. If you post in questions, sugg, etc, someone will probably know!