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  1. You are not alone here. Many care and I am at the top of the list. Please know that my PM box is open for you anytime you need to talk. Offering my hand to hold and very safe hugs. xo :hug: :hug:
  2. Hearing you....take comfort in the heartbeat. It is calming sound that soothes. One day 2am will be sweet again. Don't know when, but you will sleep through it. With you....x
  3. Whoops...*not so fearful.... Safe hugs!
  4. **with you** I am so sorry the night is so hard and so haunting. Giving you a little light at night to help make it so fearful. Remember ducks fly together. You have many ducks with you ducky! Safe hugs sweet one! xo
  5. Sitting beside you in the corner so you are not alone. Holding your hand to help you not feel so alone. Helping you feel safe and let you know that yes he is a ghostly form, and letting you know the feelings are memories and you not being hurt NOW. You are safe here in 2013. So feel my support from afar. It is here for you as long as you need it. Sending you lots of very safe and caring hugs. Tre, you are not nothing, you are everything. You are a very beautiful and caring individual. I won't let you fall in. Hold my hand. xo
  6. Tre, I hear the paid and feel the fear with you. Then I feel the solace in the green and hearing the leaves rustling soothing the sounds of the pain. The crashing of the waves taking some of the pain back out to sea. **with you** x x
  7. I am here with you and sending lots of love and care. I know that this is a hard time for you. Remember you are not alone, never alone. You have your pandy family here for you to reach out to and to lean on. Sitting with you and holding your hand. Offering you many safe and caring hugs!
  8. A new year is starting and filling all those dark corners with light. You are not alone and I am with you on this journey. Offering lots of care and support as you walk along. Holding your hand and giving you extra energy to continue this walk.
  9. Tre, you did win! You got out of there and are safe now. I know the pain you feel and I am with you and will hold you hand as you feel this pain. I hope in time the pain lessens and you can see the beauty you descirbed in the beginning. There is beauty on this earth. Sending you tons of care and lots and lots of comforting hugs(if ok).
  10. Your fear was real then, and I know it is still real now. As I sit here with you to help ease some of your fear. Please know you are not alone. You have many here to sit with you. Including myself. Sending my care, support and tons of comforting hugs to you! Laura xo
  11. ((((Shellie)))) Sitting with you! I understand what you are feeling completely. My brother is one of my abusers too and my mom forced him to start. Granted my brother is 17 years older than me and could of said no to my mom, but he didn't. I am sorry that your D.I.D. is acting up. I am with you and with your little ones too. Holding your hand and giving you my care and support. Safe hugs, Laura xo
  12. You are something! You are: Wonderful Beautiful Caring Loving Kind Gentle Respectful and much much more!!!!! Tre, I am sorry for the pain you feel. I am with you in your pain. You are not alone. You have told another special person that duck fly together. Well I am one of the ducks flying with you. Hang in there sweetie, keep writing these poems and let the pain you feel ooze out of you slowly. Continuing to sit with you. Laura xo
  13. I will continue to sit with you and I will hold your hand as long as you want. Thinking about you Tre, You are not alone. Safe hugs! xo
  14. So so adorable. Brought a smile to my face. Haven't had many lately. Thank you for sharing this sweet sweet baby with us.
  15. Children are healing. Cherish those moments, they are the best times. I don't have any kids, but I have lots of little buddies at church that I get cuddles and hugs from and I can tell you my heart is the lightest when I can get and give them hugs. Thinking about you! xx