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  1. thank you for this. Everyone deserves to heal.
  2. Kirby - ((Safe Hugs)) - your story left me speechless and heartbroken. What you went through was so horrible. I am amazed at the strength you had to triumph. You are amazing!! Dagney - thank you for introducing yourself! I am so sad to hear of your experiences as a child and then in your teens. I hope that i can be of encouragement to you as you heal. So let me introduce myself now. My name is Jen and I'm a 28 year old single mom of a young boy (he just turned 3). My husband and I divorced a year ago after he walked out a year prior. He said he didn't love me anymore and that he "was done". It came out of the blue and he literally moved out overnight. Our son was 9 months old. I've had a hard time healing from the hurts from that and have found myself cycling through emotions, feeling as if I was missing a piece of the puzzle. Earlier this week, while talking with a friend, I had mentioned something to her and she replied, "Yeah that's really not okay that he did that. I don't care if he was your husband or not, that's kind of like rape." It was then I realized how much abuse had dominated our relationship. I now know and recognize that for 6 years (4 of which we were married), my ex-husband sexually abused me. Some of it was coercion and some of it was rape. I am trying to process this and sort through all the emotions. I didn't even realize this was possible - that your own husband could do this to you. I've been searching for books to read to help with the processing of emotions and help with the healing process but keep coming up empty. How is it that there aren't really any books on this subject?? I am so glad that I have found this message board. I am really looking forward to not only being supported by some amazing people, but being a support and encouragement back to them.