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  1. I haven't used the name of my attacker/abuser on any forum but I did give the case number to a lawsuit I filed and my own name. I sent a message to the board moderators about this issue. My post was edited. I did read the guidelines and saw that giving out personal information is discouraged. I think that is very good advice to consider and it is wise to advise that if someone does give out personal information this site cannot be held responsible. Going public would have to be a well-thought-out decision. I have been public about my situation for some time. I first went public because of the advice of Jennifer Bishop Jenkins who founded, who encouraged me to put up a youtube of the pictures the police took at the hospital at the time of the report of the criminal sexual assault. She suggested this so that pressure could be put on the prosecutor to act in my case. So, I am not worried about identifying myself, but I do understand the concerns and would absolutely respect others with regard to their preferences. I have a blog and have not been sued, nor even admonished by google, for I have qualifiers as to why I have the right to present the information publicly. I also have that on the youtube. I have come to this site to find people who might understand what has happened to me more than others who have not gone through it and I appreciate the privacy and the lengths the moderators obviously go to to ensure as "safe" an environment as could be possible on the net. I have found support for other aspects of the abuse, like the fraud aspect and the bigamy. His picture and name are posted on an anti-bigamy site. I FULLY understand the concerns of the people who run message board/support site.