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  1. North wales Stepping Stones free counselling 16+ one on one and group work 01798 352717
  2. After lots of hard work the site is up for the new project here its for counselling online for survivors 16+ funding is to work for those just in the north wales area (sorry) you can find info here about when the project starts. We are still awaiting funding to continue with expanding service, would welcome visit to site if you get time to post a comment of the guest page to help with funding by showing that this service is so badly needed. Thanks would also welcome feedback on the site and any suggestions to m ake it more user friendly etc.
  3. Just loving this site its full of usefull things I really should be working but keep finding great things to read the way it is set up is easy to read and well thought out congrats on a fabby source for help info and support
  4. Excellent resource thanks can use these when working with survivors online as a tool. Already loving this site
  5. Hi all Id like to let you all know of a place that offers one on one f2f counselling for both adults and young people 16+ who have been abused/raped as children. the webby is at Hope its ok to post this here . Coming soon a new project im working on with steppingstones is the Young peoples online counselling its going to be at we have purchased web this week just have to spend time building it so bare with me im no web site buider but I try. Steeping stones are a charity that have been going over 20 years and get funding from lots of places children in need comic relief lottery fund and mostly from the county councils including wrexham, flintshire and Denbighshire. Take care all of you and look forward to chatting soon