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  1. Thanks for letting us know onetofortynine. Glad we are back up and running
  2. It's also good to remember that a lot of the times people are sending pms to reply to a board post you have made, to reach out and support you or to welcome you to pandys. if at any time you get a pm that makes you feel unsafe or upset you can always forward it to one of the board mods
  3. thanks kate and Susan
  4. Hi hon That sounds like an awful fight but it does sound like it's been building up for awhile and neither of you have been happy in the relationship. If he keeps putting you down and had the nerve to say he gave up on the relationship a year ago then really you did the right thing by breaking up with him. I have a muscle problem which means I@m in severeit pain 24/7 and that article is right in a way, pain changes who you are because everything is so much harder and the things you want are out of reach. Pain in effect ends the life you want because no matter how hard you try you just can't do the things you want. It doesn't excuse the constants put downs though and the way he's making you feel about yourself. I'm so sorry that you had such a rough day.
  5. Flipper I put in the password so that people can't access the general and healing chat rooms while the guest speaker chat is going on. The chat is over now and the passwords have been removed so you should be able to access chat now
  6. Flipper you can send the answers to me (I'm a chatterator) I'll be around on and off today so if you pm me you should have access by tomorrow. If you look at your profile it will give you the no of posts you have - you have 17 as of today so that's plenty
  7. I've been a member for ten years. I joined fairly soon after it was set up, 4th of aug 2011. This was the first board / chat room I had ever come accross and I'm so glad that I never left. The people here have been so wonderful to me they have supported and encouraged me to talk about what happened, have been with me through my illness and the death of a parent. I'm scared to think where I would be if I hadn't come here. Through Pandys I was strong enough to go to counselling and to talk about things I was afraid to say out loud. Pandys has been a lifeline to me. It has also given me a chance to give something back to this wonderful community through the chat room. I have learned many things but I guess the thing I have learned most is that the people here accept me and dont judge me because of anything that happen this is the place I've learned to let my guard down and be the real me not the me that everyone wants me to be.
  8. We are really sorry but unfortunately this chat had to be cancelled
  9. Hi onetofortynine Rachel Grant holds a master's in counseling and works with survivors of trauma. She wrote that she'd like to host a chat about:
  10. N C S National Counselling Service for adults who have experienced childhood abuse To make an appointment for counselling call 1800 235 234 and follow directions for your area. You dont need to be referred by a doctor or a pdoc Right of Place Offers support for Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse and their families They can support you in: * General Information * Outreach / Advocacy * Assistance with Housing / Welfare / Health/ Education and other things * Network and Peer Support * Assistance with form filling / getting the correct documentation and other services Rape Crisis Network Ireland Some Rape Crisis Centres also offer couples counselling, group counselling, relaxation or complementary therapies. There is also a 24 hour national helpline – 1800 778888
  11. It's not a weird question hon it's important that you ask if you dont know or understand something you see on the board or in chat
  12. Hi kmcardet, As Kate said there is no pressure for you to join the chat room, while we do have a lot of chatters there are also many members who prefer the board and that's fine. Chat isn't the main focus of PA it's just another part of it. Some people love chatting they like being able to talk with other survivors or joke around but if you would like to just use the board to read or to post that's perfectly ok. PA is here to try to help with healing in anyway the memeber feels is best for them. If you ever have any questions or concerns about chat dont be afraid to pm one of the chat moderators or one of the board mods. WE want you to feel safe here with no pressure to do anything you aren't comfortable with. Sasha
  13. haha kate I love that part hi Stefani Welcome to Pandys I really do hope you have figured out what you need to. Pandys is a great place to get support but it does take awhile to get used to everything. When I came here first I had never been a member or any other community and I asked lots of questions, if there is something you can't do ask and someone will be able to help you Sasha
  14. Complex I just sent you a pm
  15. I'm so sorry he reacted like that when you told him. You needed him to be supportive not threaten you. I think it's very unfair of him to threaten to tell your parents if you wanted them to know you should be the one to tell them when and IF and if only you are ready. I understand you not wanting them to know I never told my mother either. Maybe you haven't cried about what happened because you aren't ready to face that pain whatever the reason it's ok to take things slowly there is no right or wrong way to act. sending hugs Sasha