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  1. If you were my sister (which you are!) i would listen. i would let you scream, cry, talk.. i would give you your space. i would tell you that i love you, and that i will always be here for you.. no matter what.. no matter when.. forever. I would tell you you're beautiful. and that you're amazing. i would tell you that you are stronger than you think.. i would tell you how proud i am to be related to you. i would do everything i could to help you make it through and i would hold your hand every step of the way. I'd remind you how much i care about you and how my life is so much more meaningful because you are in it. i would tell you that you are not less of a person because someone hurt you, and its not your fault. i would tell you not to listen to what everyone else thinks and do what is best for you, because you are what matters most. i would do whatever it takes to make sure you stay strong, and never give up.