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  1. Why can't I get into the chat. This is frustrating, I'm really struggling right now and could use some support.
  2. What if I'm Pregnant?

    I'm worried that I might be pregnant. My period hasn't shown up and its been on time up till now. It still could be late but I'm starting to worry since I usually have it by now. I've been feeling a bit nausous, really tired have a headache and stuff , breast a little sore. My mom says it could be just a bug but I don't know. I have an appointment with psychiatrist tomorrow I'm going to bring it up with her if my period don't start tomorrow. I'm not sure if my doc tested to see if I was pregnant on the blood and urine test they did so I will ask if they did and maybe ask to get tested I don't know.
  3. First entry

    Well this is my first blog entry, my name is Rachel. Well I'm pretty sore, had sex with some random guy last night ok not random this guy raped me before and this time he wanted sex again so I made it be consensual because I didn't have a choice but then I did say no and told him I wanted to sleep and he keep doing it. But he stopped wasn't as crazy as last time last time I frooze this time I could tell him not too I moved out of the way. I hated him touching me I hate anyone touching me but I got myself in the situation so its my fault, all over drugs and alchohol so stupid. Sex is horrible it hurts like hell though didn't hurt as much with this guy as with other guy. I hate sex i never want to have it again which means I need to stay away from drugs since that's what leads to it.