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  1. im freakingout. hugs please!

    i asked a youth leader to go with me if i decide to report the rape. i txted her saturday, and she txted me back sunday saying shed talk to me more about it on monday coz the holidays shes been really busy with her kids and whatnot. so today she txted me ad told me shed call around 7. which is 10 minutes...... im freaking out! i really disacosiate when i talk about it. and its not just typing...... please any hugs? i mean ik if i report im gonna have to talk about it out loud and not just pass notes.... but the thought of going to the police is starting to seem more real than just an idea of what i wish i could do but knew i never would... now i think i really might and its scaring the shit outa me..... i know i want to go through with it, im just..... idk scared, nervous, anxious, i dnt want to eat, i just want to sleep, i cant focus... i just wanna get it over with but at the same time i want it to already be over or for "me" not to have to do anything..... !!!!
  2. your really really brave Amanda. safe s if you want. evn if he said either of those things you made a report and the police are smart enough to know that ppl who hurt ppl lie about it. i really hope he gets caught and you get justice. tvgc PM me anytime ~complicated
  3. Chrissy, im so sorry hes doing this. ik a restraining order doesnt seem like it would help much, but if he does come after you would not having one do any good? hopefully karma will catch up to him and he'll never have the chance to ever ever threaten or hurt you agn. but being a sitting duck is probably not the best. is there a friends you can go to? play hookie from school and get away for a bit? might not be the best idea in the world, and ik this comment probly was less that helpful but i hope it helps a little.... take very very very very good care.
  4. i watched it as well and i thought it was AMAZING! i knew he had been abused but i didnt know anything else. i thought he was amazing. i used to not really like him or Oprah all that much.... now i like them both. i hope it gets better too... it seemed to for him, Oprah, and the girl in the audience.... so maybe theres hope for us yet thank you Tyler Perry!
  5. im here too. so is pretty much everyone on this site. thats why were here, to help and support eachother. u can do this! ur strong, just by being alive ur strong. keep going. anything thats ok is gonna end up alright. PM if u wanna talk.hold on. take care
  6. sweet! more power to ya! and yeah screw her (whoever she is) but bein stalked really sucks! and takes a lot from you. so awesome job and taking everything back!
  7. the cops did crap for me. i went to the dr with my mom and best friend, apparently the doctor called the police, and a detective talked to my mom while i was at a friends and the 2 of them decided to not do anything without checking with me or anything. sorry about whats going on with the cops on ur case, they shouldnt act like tht. ur right it is there job to protect us, and some of them give cops a bad name.... sorry.
  8. this isnt ur fault. ur parents are dead wrong! u didnt mess up or do anything to cause this. they couldnt be more wrong. uve never thought it was ur fault before, dnt listen to what they said. parents say stuff, hurtfull stuff, but tht doesnt mean its true. tvvvvvvvvvgc
  9. i agree with BluesBlues. maybe this is just me but he shouldnt be telling his daughters friend tht he wants to run away to Hawaii and get married. tht would make a lot of ppl uncomfortable
  10. im sorry hun. uk u can talk to me about whatever, whenever. i love you! itll be okay Ade.
  11. thats really cool! she sounds like an awesome aunt. it is odd what she said about being abused @ daycare though.... funny about the mics though (sounds like something i would do) lol. take care. andee
  12. i wish i had an Olivia....

    ive been watching a lot of SVU lately and idk i wish i had an Olivia..... someone who would fight for me, and try to find justice for me evn if its nearly impossible.... i have a lot of adult friends/mentors whom i love with all my heart....there amazing and great, they listen and theyre there for me. i just wish there was someone who had the recourses i guess to do more than listen and catch the bastards. sorry im rmbling now......
  13. im so sorry for what he did. thts horrible. its not ur fault, u didnt deserve any of tht. safe s if ok.... sleep with angels also.
  14. i feel the same way all the time! its normal. and ik i dnt really know u, but the fact tht uve made it this far prooves ur a strong person. safe s tvvvvvvvvgc. and PM me when ever u want or need
  15. im so sorry hun. its ok to cry, just let it all out... nothing wrong with that. if its ok.... feel better. and PM me if u evr wanna talk, cry, vent, anything.