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  1. so, i havent been on for awhile

    But, things are working out good so im happy quit my old job yesterday and proud of it. The thing is i was willing to work there and this other job i just got hired for my old job was giving problems with my schedules and stuff sooo whatever and now im excited to work at my new job been loving to work there and today is my training day i cant wait plus alot of my former employees got the job cuz i use to work for the same company but got laided off for remodel but whatever got it back and the ppl where im gonna work are sooo much nicer and my old job they were rude and didn't appreciate all the hard work u do. so, things are turning out good ) thank you GOD )
  2. things are starting to get better

    hello, well my bf didn't tell me why he didn't answer my phone call he just said he didn't feel like talking.. which was weird. but i didn't wanna go on with it cuz i didn't wanna fight. so, anyways yesterday was good we hung out he told me he loves me and we were connecting again there was no phones going on it was just me and him and i loved it. i also told him the the end of the night that i had a great time and i was glad that he could communicate with me better cuz he was telling me about his work and i was telling him about mine so it went great goin to see him tonite and i cant wait. hope things go well again
  3. well things are not turning out good..

    ok so, yesterday was good i was relieved when i found out my bf didnt go out without me. so, we were talking and things were all good until later on i texted him about work and he didn't text back so i waited for his response till almost 1am nothing i dont know if hes mad im trying to contact him and i ask him are u ok... u mad ... do u wanna talk But NOTHING?? idk whats going on hes not responding to me i already texted him again... what do i do im going crazy things were sooo good.
  4. i really like that.. did u write that?
  5. so, i wrote a blog how my bf is getting to close to his coworker.. well it turns out i expressed it to him yesterday how i felt so... he told me he gonna go to a theme park with co workers so that triggered my head im shes gonna go their gonna be together.. so i just asked whos goin? he didn't wanna tell me like o u don't know them...(ok what im i suppose to think..?) well then i said well i hope that girl isn't going and him playing stupid hes ill what girl...? i was like u know who im talking about "hes like how im i suppose to know if shes going i cant tell her not too" omg that where i got pissed cuz he does know.. so i was like gosh seriously ur gonna act thick headed and u don't realize whats going on? im not jealous and i do trust u, u said nothing is going on but both urself in my position if i was talking to a guy and i said he bugs and ppl think were going out and we talk/text all the time wouldn't you think something is going on or he likes me.. im only telling you cuz ppl might take it the wrong way and i don't wanna lose u cuz i love you. ok so that was that he ignored me for awhile so i figured he was immature and actin all mad. but he would text me and let me know how work was and everything so he wasn't mad that's a good think. i just hope he understands and im praying to god he doesn't go today cuz im not use to him going out with other ppl to places like that.. hes always going with me soo it kinda hurts (
  6. i think you should just clear the air and i think she'll understand and everything should be fine as long as u tell her the truth she'll always love you.
  7. thank you im glad im not the only one well i know im not but its good to hear but it really suxs cuz i hate it im such an emotional person i hate my self for that i just don't know how to just move on and let it go i cry for almost anything and im always trying to work things out but this time i tried too many times and all i do is hurt myself ... gosh life suxs
  8. I feel so heart broken

    Hello, yet again another day to complain about my horrible life and all the torture i go through... now its has to do with relationships... ive been with my bf for going on 5yrs. And things have been awesome from the beginning and i would think it would be normal to argue.. once in a while so later on we would argue over lil things like you don listen... if your busy call me back... lil things that we would tend to work on ok so now things are ok well at least i thought they were i was having a good time now that i dont live with my mom and sis less stress and i look forward to hanging out with my bf cuz i got job i was laided off for a month and this job gives me good hrs and all but i make the effort to go see my bf whenever i can cuz now he throws it in my face that gosh ur schedule suxs we never hangout and blah blah blah.. but anyhow so, i just found out some good news which is great i got hired for another job that means the world to me so i would expect him t be happy for me ... so he is kinda but not the way i thought he would be just like whatevers about it.. ok well this is the problem after everything was all good i work making money would go see my bf if i got off early or didn't work and now just recently hes been so weird its like he doesn't like me no more or gets bored of me and doesn't like to talk to me .. cuz we"ll be watching a movie or gong to a theme park or something or just walking around and he'll be texting continuously to who knows who and ive told him this texting thing is kinda annoying and he says i have to deal with it nothing is going on so dont nag about it ... but i know hes been talking or getting to close to this supervisor at his job he tells me that she gives him free stuff from work and basically that she tells him all the drama from work and shes really kewl with him and most of time those texts or from her. and the thing is i trust him he said nothing is going on but it pisses me off when i talk or text him he takes forever to respond or isnt listening and doing something else? i dont know what to do... is this coming to an end ? is he cheating on me? i love him with all my heart but these text and this girl is making my feel alone and confused.
  9. I feel sooo Alone !

    hello, if your reading this im glad u are. well, first of all i feel so alone right now i dont know what to do anymore my family has always been a disaster no one gets along and i try to work things out with them like my mom and my sister but that a whole new story my sister is 17 and is taking advantage of my mom and my mom lets her plus my mother has never been the same since we were in a car accident and has always defended my sister and let her do whatever she wants... so, i recently found out that my sister is dong drugs i tried to talk to her and told her so did my cousin to tell her if she needs help but know she acts like she know everything.. and i told my mom and my mom doesnt say anything then again like always defending her like im the bad person. and it really hurts so now i have to force myself to stay away cuz i moved out and now im staying with my grandparent and all i do is try and try to help them but all they do is stress me out. so, its hard i just spoke to my mom cuz she kept calling me acting like nothing happened and it pisses me off. so, i finally answered and told her what does she want... and shes like nothing...i miss you i wanna see you and it hurts i like to hear that but its not worth it cuz she never listens to me and all she does it hurt,stress me out. im so alone and i dont know what to do anymore....