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    on the night i was raped, it was new years eve and i was about 19. like most college students, i drank way above my limit and thought nothing of it since i went to a party surrounded by friends and people i knew. it wasnt long until i blacked out for who knows how long. i found out a month later that i was taken advatage of by 2 guys, one a friend tha ti knew for years, the other a friend of his. i was horrified and went to a friend for some support but she didnt seem fased or really that effected by it. so i thought i must be the one to blame for this if she reacted in such a way. it took a year for me to mention it again and i finally went to a rape crisis center for help. it took a while for them to get throgh to me and put the blame where it belongs. i was even convinced i was to blame for making myself vulnerable. it took a few months before i realized what happened was rape. i told another friend of mine what happened and he too could care less. after all the work i had done to heal, he set me back a few steps and i began to doubt myself again. i realize so many people are so ignorant when it comes to rape and that being drunk is an open invitation to men to get laid. i recently had another friend of mine ask me why i never prosicuted these men, and it was so hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it. well, for one thing no one believed me, even my own friends because drunken sex is shrugged off today, even if one person is completely unable to give concent. just thinking about it pisses me off, how ignorant people are and how screwed up society's view is about sex. whether or not you were drunk, knew the guy, had a crush on the guy, wore a mini skirt, or anyother bullshit excuse, rape is rape, if your forced into it or your unable to give concent (like blacking out and not have control of anything) its still sexual abuse. i could go on and on about how much society's attitude about date rape and rape under the influence is making the lives of victims that much harder and setting us back int he healing process...but ill save that rant for another day![/font][/font]